Mutual Materials Parkland Customer Appreciation Day Another Success

Mutual Materials Parkland Branch Circular Patio - South Tacoma, WA

Parkland, WA – August 2, 2022 – Boy have we been busy these past few years! But it was a treat to get together with our customers, suppliers, and sales reps to catch up, answer questions and get some much needed in-person interaction.

We had the support of Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, Laticrete and IQ Saws who were here to answer all questions that our customers had. T’juana Tacos also joined the fun by providing breakfast and lunch burritos! The staff was handing out giveaway bags filled with some great Mutual Materials items & we were able to raffle off a premade outdoor fireplace made with our Isokern firebox and natural stone veneer!

We had a great turn out! It is nice having events again to see our great customers face to face. We were able to raffle off an outdoor fireplace to Rick Johnston (Johnston Construction) as well as able to supply amazing food from T’juana Taco. Let’s do this again soon!!

Ryan Hug, Commercial Sales Representative, Mutual Materials

We had Ryan Hug, Commercial Sales rep, Lori Curtis, Residential Sales Manager, Korey Moore, Residential Sales Rep, and the amazing Parkland staff greeting customers and answering any and all questions.

We have more customer appreciation days coming up in the next few weeks, so check out our events calendar. Find the next event that fits in your schedule. Also, if you’re a Mutual Materials vendor that would like to participate in future customer appreciation days, we would love to get you involved. Please contact one of our sales reps for more information.