Our Pet Approved Building Products

For many pet owners, their furry friends are loved members of the family and the pet’s comfort is as important to them as their own. So what pet approved building products can help not only make your pet’s life more enjoyable but also make your life easier? We recommend products that are eco-friendly as well as scratch, stain, water resistant, and long-lasting. The type of flooring and outdoor living areas are both important pet considerations and our Porcelain Slabs, Turfstone, Flagstone, Pavers, and Retaining Wall blocks can help.

Pet Approved Flooring 

When trying to make a home more pet-friendly, a homeowner has to consider flooring options as an important factor. Solid wood and hardwood flooring, while pretty and durable, is not the best long term option since it is not scratch or water resistant. You wouldn’t want your new floors getting damaged by your beloved pets! Porcelain tile flooring is tough and hard, making it a good option for pet owners since it is resistant to scratches and spills. Porcelain Slabs provide higher strength in lighter weight compared to concrete slabs of the same square foot size and do not need to be sealed. They are chemical free, virtually maintenance free, have very low absorption making them stain resistant, and are easy to clean up using common (pet-safe) detergent and water. Porcelain is an impervious tile with a water absorption rate of 0.1% for high resistance to stains, salts, acids, bases, molds, and moss growth. Porcelain slabs have a higher abrasion and scratch resistance than quartz to protect from claw marks, are slip resistant, and provide good temperature control for pets sensitive to hot weather. The great thing about tile flooring is that there are a variety of designs and colors that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Architectural Porcelain Slabs & Patio Stones

Natural Look


For homeowners looking to use natural materials or create a natural look, Turfstone and Flagstone use no chemicals and are non-slip. Turfstone concrete pavers are also a more inexpensive option when compared to asphalt and poured concrete. TurfStone is perfect for structural strength with the benefit of a lush appearance of a green space. Featuring a 40-percent open design, TurfStone pavers allow grass or moss to grow through, preserving the look of a lawn. Besides keeping things green, TurfStone permeable grid pavers control erosion and stabilize your soil and can also preserve the soil from dog claws and digging.

Flagstone is durable and provides versatility in installation; it will not warp in the elements and is termite-proof, unlike wood decks. It is also slip-proof, providing traction due to natural ridges and limiting water pooling on the surface.

While natural stone may be an attractive option, there is a lot more thought that has to go in to making it work for pet owners. Natural stone needs to be sealed to make it resistant to spills and water damage and there is more maintenance and upkeep involved in maintaining its quality.


Resistant Paving

Since Pavers are concrete flooring, they are low maintenance, scratch resistant, do not need to be repainted, and interlocking, making them easy to remove and clean or replace. When sealed with a protective film-forming sealer or floor finish, pet urine does not seep into the the pores in the concrete and leave behind lingering odors and stains. Smooth floor surfaces like concrete does not trap pet hair and dander, or harbor fleas and mites the way carpet and area rugs do, making cleaning, keeping your pets safe, and avoiding allergens easier. Similar to Porcelain Flooring, it is easier to regulate floor temperature for pet comfort with pavers.

If you are looking for a more rustic pet-friendly flooring look, Clay Brick pavers are made of natural material, are durable, and retain their beautiful appearance for years, requiring very little maintenance. The color never fades, grout keeps it in place, and there is no need to treat or paint. The most important thing is to make sure to properly seal it; brick stains easily and absorbs moisture so you want to protect it from pet accidents and stains. If you’re feeling really creative, use clay bricks to build your furry friend a little house of their own!

Traditional Pavers

Contained Spaces

Retaining Wall Blocks are a great option for pet owners’ yards for a variety of reasons. Retaining Wall Blocks can be used to create areas for your pet to leap up on and run around since they are non-slip and durable enough to hold weight and be stable. Alternatively, if you want to keep your pet contained or out of certain outdoor spaces, retaining wall blocks can be used to build up or around vegetation and landscaping to protect it from pet nails, paws, and teeth as well as protect your pet from any potentially poisonous plants!

Mutual Materials has many pet approved building products to fit your retaining wall needs. CypressStone is low maintenance, easy to install and DIY, and helps increase amount of usable space for outdoor spaces. MagnumStone is eco friendly and designed to resist forces from above and behind the wall. It can help protect your pet’s paws due to its hollow core reducing the spread of heat island effect, commonly found in concrete surfaces. CornerStone can be easily disassembled and reassembled because of its precision fit and the one-step interlock. Great for owners with especially high energy dogs who may cause damage.

Retaining Walls

Your Pets are Family

We understand there is a lot to consider when trying to make your home a safe and comfortable space for your furry family members. We hope our pet-friendly and resistant flooring and outdoor space options will help making building and remodeling decisions all the more easy! Let Mutual Materials help you with all of your pet approved building products needs.

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