Eco-Priora Driveways

  • Location Projects throughout Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia
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Eco-Priora driveways may be required if you build or remodel a home in the City of Seattle. Permeable pavers are versatile and can add an incredible aesthetic appeal to any home design from traditional to contemporary.

Eco-Priora Driveways Are The Solution When You Need To Control Runoff

If you want to live a little more greener, consider Eco-Priora permeable pavers that allow stormwater to infiltrate directly into the soil rather than carry into storm drains.

If you’re looking for a basic understanding of permeable pavers, check out our blog, Introduction to Permeable Concrete Paving.

If you want to get even more in-depth here are some more resources to help explain how permeable concrete paver system works.

Mutual Materials have a full line of permeable pavers for both residential and commercial applications.

Find locations for Mutual Materials branch stores here. 

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