• Eco-Priora - Gray
  • Eco-Priora - Gray
  • Eco-Priora - Charcoal
  • Clark County Family Center - Vancouver, WA Eco-Priora - Gray
  • Eco-Priora - Gray field with a charcoal border
  • Eco-Priora - Harvest Blend
  • Harvest Blend
  • Eco-Priora Photo Courtesy of JTM Custom Homes
  • Eco-Priora Photo Courtesy of JTM Custom Homes
  • Built Green Home at Suncadia

Eco-Priora Driveways

  • Location Projects throughout Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia

Eco-Priora driveways may be required if you build or remodel a home in the City of Seattle. But it doesn’t mean your project has to look ugly. Permeable pavers can have an incredible aesthetic appeal to any home, traditional to contemporary.

Eco-Priora Driveways Are The Solution When You Need To Control Runoff

If you want to live a little more greener, consider Eco-Priora permeable pavers that allow stormwater to infiltrate directly into the soil rather than carry into storm drains.

If you’re looking for a basic understanding of permeable pavers, check out our blog, Introduction to Permeable Concrete Paving.

If you want to get even more in-depth here are some more resources to help explain how permeable concrete paver system works.

Mutual Materials have a full line of permeable pavers for both residential and commercial applications.

Products Used

  • Permeable Pavers
  • Permeable Pavers

Even in a 100-year storm event in December 2008, the paver system allowed all the stormwater to infiltrate, reducing the risk of a sewer overflow into nearbay Elliott Bay.


“One of the main benefits of a paver driveway is that it will not crack because of the flexibility the joints between each paver provide. Additionally, repairs are simple because specific areas can be targeted without having to redo the entire drive.”

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