Pendleton Boulevard – Joint Base Lewis McChord

  • Location Lakewood, WA
  • Designer Cascade Design Collaborative
  • Engineer Berger ABAM
  • General Contractor Bristol Environmental
  • Paver Installer Freeland Enterprises

JBLM Uses Eco-Priora For its Pendleton Boulevard Redesign

JBLM uses Eco-Priora permeable pavers for the creation of six-lane Pendleton Boulevard on base to honor their commitment to improving livability for its military personnel. Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is one of the largest military bases on the West Coast, supporting more than 100,000 people. The Department of Defense’s (DOD) mission is to establish “sustainable communities of walkable neighborhoods with identifiable town centers connected by great streets” within their military installations.

The 25 member base’s command and the US Army Corps of Civil Engineers (ACE) defined the design goals for the conversion of phase one of Pendleton Avenue to a 165-foot wide boulevard, flanked by mixed-use and military buildings, stretching a length of 7,100 feet.

The goals were:

  • Support the JBLM mission with resilient infrastructure.
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment for future generations.
  • Provide inclusive, restorative public space.

In an effort to accommodate growth and improve livability at JBLM for military personnel and their families, the design team worked with the DOD project team to transform a typical four-lane roadway into a six-lane multiway boulevard. This multiway boulevard separates vehicle traffic from adjacent parking and local access lanes, offers wide and tree-lined sidewalks, provides separated bicycle facilities, and integrates Low Impact Development (LID) strategies. A point of pride is that this project cleans and infiltrates 100% of stormwater runoff onsite through 130,000 sq. ft. of roadside rain gardens and 70,313 sq. ft. of Eco-Priora permeable paving.

Enlisted and Base employee stakeholders also wanted an inviting environment to accommodate disabled veterans returning from tours as well as their families. Designed by Berger ABAM and Cascade Design Collaborative, the project integrates SMART Growth and sustainable design practices to create a highly-functional transportation corridor. The use of Mutual Materials Eco-Priora permeable pavers reduced the asphalt area by 35% which reduces heat absorption, makes pedestrian and access lane surfaces more comfortable, and is aesthetically pleasing. Another benefit of using Eco-Priora was that crews were able to install the pavers during the winter months, while the use of asphalt or concrete would have required waiting for dryer and warmer weather.

”The success of the design and installation resulted from a continuous balancing act between Sustainable and Streetscape design opportunities with the use of high quality materials and construction details.”

– Eric Schmidt, Cascade Design Collaborative

The base’s new Multi-Way Boulevard won the American Planning Association (APA) Excellence in Sustainable Design Green Infrastructure Project Award in 2015. Additionally, the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) also gave this project top design awards. These awards affirm the breadth and depth of the client and design team collaboration throughout the 3.5 year design and construction process.

If you’re looking for a basic understanding of permeable pavers, check out our blog, Introduction to Permeable Concrete Paving.

Mutual Materials have a full line of permeable pavers for both residential and commercial applications.


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