South Lake Union Discovery Center

  • Location Seattle, WA
  • Developer Vulcan, Inc
  • Architect Miller/Hull Architects
  • Contractor GLY Construction

The South Lake Union Discovery Center showcases the past, present, and future of Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. Developed by Vulcan, Inc., a Paul G. Allen company, the 11,000-square-foot Center features state-of-the-art models and exhibits.

In keeping with Vulcan’s eco-friendly goals for its 60 acres in the South Lake Union neighborhood, the Discovery Center was designed by architectural firm Miller/Hull to a high standard of environmental responsibility. Due to its innovative construction, the Center can even be disassembeled into four distinct sections and moved to a new site if necessary, making it a truly sustainable building.

Reducing the run-off of pollutants into Lake Union was a priority for Vulcan and for the City of Seattle. To prevent harm to the lake’s native fish population, steps were taken to slow stormwater runoff, allowing it to be re-absorbed into the ground for natural cleaning and filtering before reaching the lake. The Discovery Center features two such measures: a pair of bioswales flanking the building and a parking lot surfaced with Mutual Materials® Eco-Stone® permeable pavers.

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