• Westmoreland Neighborhood - Portland, Oregon Uni Ecoloc Permeable Pavers
  • Westmoreland Neighborhood - Portland, OR
  • Westmoreland Neighborhood - Portland, OR

Westmoreland Permeable Pavement Pilot Project

  • Location Westmoreland Neighborhood - Portland, Oregon
  • Owner City of Portland, Department of Transportation
  • Project Engineer Brian Kesterson, PE
  • Primary Contractor Parker Northwest Paving Co
  • Paving Contractor BC Pavers

Portland, Oregon wanted to investigate different forms of permeable street surfacing to see which system would best handle storm runoff and help reduce the need for stormwater treatment. They installed pervious concrete, porous asphalt, and permeable pavers on a residential street in Portland’s Westmoreland neighborhood. Mutual Materials® Ecoloc® pavers were used on the street’s parking strips to provide an attractive and functional way to identify parking areas.

Then came the test: the City flushed 2,000 gallons of water in a ten-minute period over each surface to see how they would perform.

The results were dramatic. The concrete and porous asphalt absorbed the water at a rate of 47 inches per hour, while the permeable pavers handled it 27% faster, at a whopping rate of 60 inches per hour. By comparison, soil alone can only absorb 1-3 inches. Brett Kesterson, the City’s project engineer, has been very impressed. “Not only do the pavers perform well, but the local residents love the Old World look.”

Products Used

  • Permeable Pavers

Even in a 100-year storm event in December 2008, the paver system allowed all the stormwater to infiltrate, reducing the risk of a sewer overflow into nearbay Elliott Bay.

The success of the design and installation resulted from a continuous balancing act between Sustainable and Streetscape design opportunities with the use of high-quality materials and construction details. Eco-Priora allowed us to meet both criteria.

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