2022 Design Trends: Nature and Tradition

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After spending more time at home than ever over the last two years with the pandemic, many homeowners are focusing on comfort when it comes to exterior and interior design and home décor in 2022. Mixing materials and textures is a popular way to make homes and spaces stand out. Traditional designs and colors are making a comeback and we are finding ways to connect to the experience of nature with elements of biophilic design in more ways than ever before. Sustainability and upcycling are becoming more important than ever. Materials like brick, stone, and slate are helping homeowners and contractors curate these design trends for 2022.

Mixing Materials and Textures

An eclectic collection of materials in the same space creates a one-of-a-kind look that many can appreciate. Materials can be mixed within a room or even within the same piece, providing a difference in texture, shape, and color. Mixing various textures together creates a unique experience in your interior and exterior design trends. With a focus on natural materials, there’s been a resurgence in popularity in brick and stone.

Outdoor spaces can be paved with a combination of stone, brick, and concrete to create a unique look that separates functional living areas. You can even mix pavers to create a contrasting look, like combining TurfStone with Dominion Pavers in one outdoor space. Combine the use of Slimbrick with one of our Stone Retaining Walls or Clay Pavers to create a mixed material look that fits your style! Slimbrick’s thin design and variety of finishes and can be used on the interior and exterior of the home, from accent walls to kitchen backsplashes to bathroom tiling to veneer.

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Traditional Styles

The resurgence of traditional styles and architectural details can help bring a “sense of comfort, timelessness, and nostalgia” to our homes, according to Bria Hammel in an article for Good Housekeeping. These classic looks, like modern farmhouse style, will always look good and be sought out. Whether you are looking to add a traditional brick wall or a classic paver pattern, our bricks come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and shapes, allowing for an almost infinite variety of looks. Pavers come in a wide selection of textures and colors can be installed in various patterns including circles, herringbone, and running bond to help you achieve a more traditional look.


Biophilia is the concept that humans feel better when they are connected with nature. This connection is often represented by the use of natural light, materials, and colors to bring the greenery and feel of the outdoors indoors. The benefits of biophilic design and biophilic interiors can be an increase in well-being and mental health; bringing nature to the places people live and work in has proven to boost moods, create an increase in productivity and reduce stress levels.

Materials like SlimBrick, Cultured Stone Veneer, and Natural Stone Veneer can help bring the natural elements of stone and brick to a home’s interior or exterior. Our outdoor living elements and design ideas can also help encourage you to spend time outdoors and embrace the concept of biophilia. Nothing will get you outdoors faster than a beautiful outdoor kitchen or patio area that you can relax and feel at home in.

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dominion slate concrete pavers
Old Dominion Circle in Harvest and Cascade Blend bordered by a TuscanStone seating wall. Walkway on the left is Dominion Slate in Northwest Blend

Round Shapes

Biophilic design mirrors natural shapes and patterns, including geometric shapes like circles and spirals. The same patterns and shapes are informing the look of today’s home furnishings and decor items. Even large pieces, like couches and chairs, are being reshaped to take advantage of the popularity of circles. Round shapes also play a role in outdoor design with circular fire pits and brick paver pattern designs.

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Sustainability and Upcycling

The sustainability of a product is determined by its sourcing, processing, and shipping methods. Generally, materials that occur in nature are more sustainable and energy-efficient than those created by man and they are becoming more popular each year. Sustainable materials are also durable and environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle. Clay bricks and cement pavers are made from naturally occurring minerals and rocks, offering a sustainable design option for hardscape, walls, and specialty features like fire pits.

Upcycling involves the reuse of waste materials in new products. Upcycled materials are sustainable and help divert waste from landfills. Used clay bricks and stone tiles can be upcycled and reused in DIY projects and for decoration purposes. Brick is can be salvaged, cleaned, and used in another building, ground up and used as filler material for soil, or repurposed for landscaping or paths. Either way, not many bricks make it to the landfill, which helps the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

Searching for a unique and sustainable look for your interior or exterior remodel project? Brick, stone, and slate provide a natural look with a variety of colors and textures available. Check out our idea books for driveways, patios, and retaining walls.

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