Masonry & Hardscape Design Trends 2023: Colors, Curves, and Patterns

Fireplace faced with white mountain natural stone veneer

One of the best parts about owning a home is remodeling to truly make it into your own space. Since the pandemic is still a big factor in people’s every day lives, home remodels are geared towards accommodating comfort, wellness, and sustainability. The design trends next year for achieving these factors will be on colors, tones, patterns, curves, and lighting.

Black is Back

While white may always be a good neutral choice, black makes a statement. Stand out with a black exterior or interior accent that can be modeled to almost any design style. Black brick can help a homeowner attain a traditional farmhouse or modern industrial look. Cultured Stone Veneer can help attain a more classic or gothic look.

A monochromatic design can help add texture and personality to an otherwise neutral or minimalist home. This trend is defined by natural and clean lines and can add an eye-popping enhancement to places with warmer shades and tones like wood or clay. With a contemporary twist, this design choice can be both memorable and highly livable.

Mutual Choices for Black Design: Brick, Slimbrick®: Clinker, Coal Creek, Coffee House, Midnight Sky, Ebony, and Onyx. We also provide paint grade brick and custom blend brick, get the brick look you desire using endless paint color options!

Cultured Stone: Country Ledgestone – Black Rundle, Gunnison. Pro-Fit Modera Ledgestone – Carbon. Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone – Black Rundle, Dark Ridge. Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone – Trek

Vancouver Bay Architectural Slabs: Charcoal. Porcelain Architectural Slabs: Vintage. Glacier Slate Architectural Slabs: Charcoal, Black Diamond

Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone Fireplace in Aspen
Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone Fireplace in Aspen

As Good as Gold

If black is not your style, you’ll be glad to know that golden hues are here to help add some color to an otherwise neutral space. Golden tones can help with attaining an earthy and natural feel that can be an alternative or a complement to more traditional neutrals. Gold is a gentle warm color that will introduce an organic look that sparkly metallics stray away from.

Mutual Choices for Golden Design: Face Brick, Slimbrick: Wheat, Goldenrod, Sand.

Cultured Stone: Country Ledgestone – Chardonnay, Wolf Creek. Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone – Chardonnay. Eldorado Cliffstone – Montecito. Natural Stone Veneer: Bighorn Creek, Ibex, Elk Mountain, Wolf Creek.

Smooth It Out

Arches and curves are here to bring a smooth feel of durability to your home. The arch is a Renaissance inspired interior design idea representing support and strength, used to create striking visual elements. Arches can be created over fireplaces, windows, or doorways to add interesting shapes and dimensions. They can offer dramatic impacts when colors like black or gold are included in the home design idea. Stone veneer is a great choice for creating curves because it comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors that can be used to create various designs.
Curves and arches can be incorporated into your outdoor living space as well. Hardscape elements like fire pits, retaining walls, and concrete paver driveways or clay paver walkways are a great way to introduce curves and colors into your yard or patio design.

Pattern On

There are infinite ways to incorporate patterns into your home or landscape design through use of a brick veneer or unique multi-unit concrete paver series or paving stones. Create a truly eye catching house by using two or three different brick colors to create a veneer pattern on the exterior of your home. Make a walkway, driveway, or garden path with a fun paver pattern like a running bond, basketweave, or a herringbone pattern to make a great first impression. If you’re looking for a more traditional style of brick pattern design, opt for a clay paver or brick path with various shades of red brick or multi-colored painted brick instead. For a natural look, get creative with varying sizes and colors of flagstone to create an infinite amount of unique patterns.

Home with white and gray Slimbrick wainscoting
Home with white and gray Slimbrick wainscoting

Less is More

Dramatic black or gold colors aren’t the only way to make a statement. Minimalist design can go a long way and goes perfectly with the monochromatic and gold tone trends. Neutral colors are easy to incorporate into most design schemes, whether they’re modern, contemporary, or traditional. A homeowner can attain a rustic look with warm shades found naturally in stone, wood, and clay; think minimalist but with warm, inviting, smooth natural textures. This more modern design trend can help create a cozy interior that speaks to the heart instead of the eyes with a less dramatic impression.

A Picture of Health

A popular design choice brought on by the pandemic is the need for an escape or wellness space that offers safety, serenity, and calmness. An environment geared to facilitate healthy living can make a huge difference and set the tone for a design theme. Natural light is a great choice to incorporate into a wellness room since it can improve our sleep patterns, focus, and mood. Maximizing the amount of natural light with big windows, whites and neutral colors, and reflective surfaces.

Harmony with Nature

Sustainability and Biophilia are still in and we are not surprised! The growing importance of being eco-friendly and reusing materials continues to have an impact on design trends for 2023. Check out our previous articles on both to learn more:

Interior wall with Canyon Mist Slimbrick
Interior wall with Canyon Mist Slimbrick