2024 Design Trends: Closer to Nature

Small Manorstone retaining wall borders a residential patio

It can be difficult for homeowners to stay on top of the latest trends in building and design with the ever-changing tastes and quality updates. Whether you are looking to remodel or just add curb appeal to your home, we are here to help you select the right products to achieve your design ideas and goals. For 2024, the projected building design trends include warm and neutral colors, biophilia and sustainability, outdoor living spaces, and mixing materials.

Modern indoor fireplace faced with white natural stone veneer
Add a touch of modern by using white natural stone for your fireplace.

Warm & Neutral Colors

Create a sense of calm and tranquility with earth-like colors such as beiges, off-whites, and browns in your design choices. Neutral colors offer a sense of comfort and can provide a connection to nature. Natural textures such as brick, stone veneer, and flagstone can also be considered for a warm and earthy ambiance to a home. Create depth and add a unique look by mixing colors that complement each other. Don’t stop at just one type of product or section, you can continue using warm and neutral colors across exterior and interior design, and various materials. The products we best recommend for warm neutral colors are our bricks, stone veneers, pavers, and retaining wall blocks.

Mutual Choices for Brick Colors: Face Brick and Architectural Slimbrick: Chateau Gray, Canyon Mist, Pewter. Seattle Cream, Desert White, Limestone. Tan Terra, Covington.

Craftsman Slimbrick: Chateau Gray, Canyon Mist, Westport Used. Ashland Used. Coffee House, Covington.

Glazed Slimbrick: Smoke, Ash. Parchment. Sand, Tweed.

Mutual Choices for Stone Veneer Colors: Natural Stone Veneer: Falls Creek, Canyon Creek, Loon Lake, Bitterroot. Berkshire Ledgestone, White Mountain. Hillside Blend, Ibex Ledgestone, Elk Mountain Ledgestone, Farmers Brown.

Cultured Stone: Country Ledgestone Aspen, Ashfall, Wheaton, and Chardonnay. Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone Black Mountain, Echo Ridge, Winterhaven, Chardonnay.

Eldorado: Ledgecut33 – White Cap. Stacked Stone – Nantucket. RoughCut – Casa Blanca. European Ledge – Sea Cliff. Cliffstone – White Bark.


Biophilia in building design is about creating a space that connects to nature and supports our well-being. This connection is often represented by the use of natural light, earthy colors, and natural materials to bring the greenery and feel of the outdoors to your home and living spaces. The health benefits of biophilic design and architectural building can be an increased sense of well-being and positive mental health in your built environment. Bringing nature and natural light to the places people live and work in has proven to boost moods, create an increase in productivity and reduce stress levels.

Materials like Slimbrick, Cultured Stone Veneer, and Natural Stone Veneer can help bring the natural elements of stone and brick to a home’s interior or exterior. Our outdoor living elements and design ideas like fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can also help encourage you to spend time outdoors. Nothing will get you outdoors faster than a beautiful outdoor kitchen or patio area that you can relax and feel at home in.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Since biophilia is still in, by extension so are outdoor living spaces! There are a lot of elements to consider when creating your outdoor and landscape design. If you want to be really on trend this year, you will want to consider mixing materials and textures, and choosing products in neutral and warm colors.

Outdoor spaces can be paved with a combination of stone, brick, and concrete pavers to create a look that separates functional living areas. You can even mix pavers to create a unique but consistent look, like combining Columbia Patio Stones with Dominion Pavers in one outdoor space or walkway area. Combine smooth with textured for a contrasting look by using Flagstone with Architectural Porcelain Slabs.

Combine an exterior Slimbrick veneer with one of our Segmental Retaining Walls or Clay Pavers to create a mixed materials look that fits your style. The possibilities of combining materials, textures, and colors are endless and we can’t wait to see what your imagination creates!

Mutual Choices for Outdoor Colors:

Roman Cobblestone and Holland Pavers: Summit Blend and Northwest Blend

Porcelain Architectural Slabs: Limestone

Vancouver Bay and Glacier Slate Architectural Slabs: Latte

ManorStone: Summit Blend

Flagstone: Variegated, Birch Creek, Frontier Select. Montana Bronze. Mahogany, Lone Pine

Outdoor living space with Cultured Stone fireplace and concrete paver patio
An outdoor living space can be an extension of your home with the addition of a fireplace and furniture


The sustainability of a product is determined by its sourcing, processing, and shipping methods. Generally, materials that occur in nature are more sustainable and energy-efficient than those created by man and they are becoming more popular each year. Sustainable materials are also durable and environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle. Clay bricks and cement pavers are made from naturally occurring minerals and rocks, offering a sustainable design option for hardscape, walls, and specialty features like fire pits. Make design choices towards green building to reduce your carbon footprint. Sustainability is easy to achieve with the other 2024 design trends of biophilia and mixing materials.

Cozy patio using clay bricks for both the flooring and surrounding columns
A traditional patio is turned contemporary by replacing red clay bricks with a darker color.

Mixing Materials for the Senses

An eclectic collection of materials in the same space creates a one-of-a-kind look that many can appreciate. Materials can be mixed within a room or even within the same section, providing a difference in texture, shape, and color. Mixing various textures together creates a unique experience in your interior and exterior design trends. With a focus on natural materials, there’s been a resurgence in popularity in brick and stone.

Create auditory contrast by adding a fire pit or fireplace along with a water feature in your outdoor living area. Create patterns with a combination of complimenting colors to add a unique look to your space. Add the look of a natural texture to your design with brick, stone veneer, flagstone, and retaining wall blocks. If a smooth texture is what you’re looking for, we recommend Architectural Slabs and Glazed Slimbrick. We offer a variety of product colors and textures that are conducive to mixing and matching.

Mixing materials in your hardscape project creates an appealing visual contrast
Mixing materials in your hardscape project creates an appealing visual contrast.

Mutual Materials is here to help you select the building materials you need to create your dream home in a cost-effective and long lasting way. There are a number of design elements that can be used to create an on-trend and beautiful space so let us help you make the right choices for your home!


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