Products for a Complete Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space with paver patio, seating wall, and fire pit

Whether you’re thinking of adding raised garden beds, building an outdoor kitchen, or installing a new pathway, Mutual Materials has all the products to meet your hardscape and landscape design needs for your outdoor living space. Natural stone veneer, retaining wall blocks, pavers, and patio stones can help create the ambiance you are striving for while simultaneously adding curb appeal to your home.

Walls and Fire Features

Stone Veneer is a great complement to your yard’s greenery and other natural elements. It can be used to create accent walls, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits that tie your home’s exterior look and feel together. Used as a retaining wall, natural stone not only stabilizes the earth around your yard, but adds intrigue to your outdoor space.

If hardscaping is the route you’re taking for your outdoor living space, retaining wall blocks are perfect for soil support in addition to seating walls, terraces, and dividing your space into segments. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, our retaining wall blocks can appeal to any design aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. Retaining wall blocks are a great building material for creating fire pits, while Face Brick can be used to create a gorgeous fireplace. Mutual Materials sells three ready-to-go fire pit kits for those looking for a DIY project: Stonehenge Circle Fire Pit, StackStone Circle Fire Pit, and StackStone Square Fire Pit.

Take your space to the next level by building an outdoor fireplace to serve as a focal point for your space. Rather than have smoke blowing around those enjoying the fire, a fireplace’s chimney directs the smoke up and away to keep everyone comfortable. You can bring any vision to life with a fireplace by facing it with a variety of products, like natural stone, face brick, Slimbrick, or any manufactured veneer stone.

Natural Stone Veneer

Retaining wall faced with natural stone veneer
Retaining wall faced with natural stone veneer

Water Features, Gardens, and Seating

While retaining wall blocks are, of course, great for making walls, they can also be used to create steps, water features, and garden beds. Add a built-in planter constructed with blocks to create a garden bed that will last and make gardening easier by raising the height of the bed. Retaining wall garden beds can add color, texture, and dimension to your outdoor space. Retaining Wall blocks can also be used to create additional seating around a fire pit, fireplace, or anywhere in your yard. Choose from a variety of block styles and colors for your seating area or garden design.

Did you know that you can create a water feature with our retaining wall blocks as well? Create your own tranquil water feature with our TuscanStone or StackStone by configuring them in a rectangular or circular pattern and adding a plastic liner to the inside of your formation. While you can DIY most projects, always consider hiring a professional to install the plumbing for your water feature.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining wall blocks used for garden beds
Retaining wall blocks used for garden beds

Patios and Pathways

Our large selection of pavers can be used to create patios, pathways and walkways, making your outdoor living space functional and beautiful. Many of our pavers are also great for high-traffic areas like driveways or a front yard path to your home. Dominion and Roman Cobblestone pavers can be used to create appealing pathways, while Holland and Dominion Slate Pavers are perfect for patio areas with their variety of pattern and color choices.

Architectural Slabs, and other large format pavers, work great around pools and water features because they provide a modern look and are low maintenance. Flagstone is beautiful, natural looking, and has ridges for traction making it slip resistant. Looking for something more rustic? Clay Pavers and Old Dominion Squares and Recs can add a warm traditional look to your outdoor space. Old Dominion Circle Kits are easy to install and can serve as a focal point in your yard or with a fire pit in the center.

Outdoor Pavers

Outdoor living space with swimming pool and patio with architectural slabs
Outdoor living space with swimming pool and patio with architectural slabs

Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing quite says outdoor living like a fully stocked outdoor kitchen. From veneer to pavers to walls, we have all the products you need to make a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Natural Stone Veneer can add style around your grill and cabinets while non-slip pavers can help create a safe cooking space. If you enjoy entertaining friends and family outdoors, Mutual Materials products can help you create an outdoor kitchen that’s enjoyable year-round.

Outdoor kitchen with Roman Cobblestone patio
Outdoor kitchen with Roman Cobblestone patio

Create Your Space

No matter what the theme and focal point of your outdoor design may be, Mutual Materials has all the products a homeowner needs to support their vision. Whether you are hiring a professional or planning a DIY project, we are here to help create the outdoor living area of your dreams!

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