Unique Design Ideas For Your Backyard

Columbia Slate patio slabs set in artificial turf

Would you like to build a beautiful patio but want to avoid the hassle of maintenance and high water bills? Look no further than a combination of artificial turf, patio slabs, and a well placed fire pit for your home improvement project. We know that artificial turf may not be for everyone, but when you know the many design possibilities you may change your mind! Artificial turf can be placed anywhere, from your backyard to your front yard; it is a great hardscape choice for anyone looking for low maintenance design.

Architectural Porcelain Slabs & Patio Stones

Low Maintenance Design

Artificial turf design can save money, requires minimal repairs, and requires no watering, mowing, fertilizing, or weed prevention. It is easier to create the landscape that you want and it provides faster drainage than sod. It can be installed anywhere and doesn’t have the same requirements as real grass.

Natural grass has difficulty thriving in small sections and will be patchy if any grows at all in-between slabs. Pebbles between concrete slabs looks nice but can become a tripping hazard and doesn’t provide any cushion or shock absorption. Adding artificial grass brings some plush greenery to an otherwise drab area. Synthetic turf strips between pavers are a growing trend that can enhance your outdoor living area immediately.

Turf strips between pavers or slabs add a more inviting feel to landscaping by adding design elements that are easy to maintain and care for. It’s an aesthetically pleasing natural lawn alternative and looks great year-round without the need for watering or maintenance.

Columbia Slate patio slabs set in artificial turf
Columbia Slate patio slabs set in artificial turf

Elevate Your Yard

Artificial turf can be used to accentuate your patio, deck, or pool with other design elements. However, is not just for gardens or backyards. With different textures and colors, synthetic grass can be used to enhance nearly any space. It can be cut into strips or given curved edges to fit your existing landscape design.

To make a patio space with pavers, the artificial grass needs to be cut around the spacing of the concrete pavers or slabs. Alternately, artificial grass can be cut into strips and installed between the spaces. Depending on the homeowner’s preference, the strips or sections can be completely flush with the slab tops or raised to provide a fluffy overspill.

Artificial turf driveway with charcoal Vancouver Bay architectural slabs
Artificial turf driveway with charcoal Vancouver Bay architectural slabs

Touch of Green

While pavers make the backyard feel sophisticated, a green layer of artificial grass offers simplicity and a touch of nature in its softness. Turf between pavers can also create cohesion of outdoor spaces, blending other design elements together. Not only can artificial turf be used with patio pavers and slabs, it can also be used between natural stone like flagstone.

Installing an artificial lawn in place of a natural one can completely change the way you think of lawn care. While installation might be a bit tricky, your lawn will last for many years with minimal maintenance. It’s also a great choice because it is environmentally friendly, safe for the whole family, easy to care for, and non-slip. Because of its great aesthetics and functional capabilities, there’s also a lot of versatility in how and where you can lay it.

Add a Fire Pit or Fire Bowl

Kindred fire bowl on Glacier Slate architectural slab patio
Kindred fire bowl on Glacier Slate architectural slab patio

Add even more character to your patio paver and artificial turf patio by including a fire pit in the center. A fire pit is simple to DIY and can easily be incorporated into your design.

A fire pit provides warmth while adding atmosphere to an outdoor living space. It allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor living spaces throughout the year, offering heat and a feeling of home. Check out our DIY Fire Pit kits for easy at-home installation. Make sure that when selecting a fire pit you consider the materials you want to use, the appropriate height, the orientation, and how to keep your outdoor area safe. If a fire bowl is more your style, check out Kindred Living’s designs. The fire pit or fire bowl can both be placed either on the slabs or the slabs can surround it.

Stackstone fire pit on Vancouver Bay architectural slabs
Stackstone fire pit on Vancouver Bay architectural slabs

Fire Pit Kits

How to Install Artifical Grass

While you could hire someone to design and lay it for you, artificial grass installation is a project that a homeowner can DIY over a weekend. Make sure you do your research and fully understand the process before starting. Here are the basic steps along with external resources for installation:

Prepare the area for drainage, make sure you have compact soil underneath, install sub base, lay down turf, nail down turf, cut around pavers, close seams and secure grass, add infill.

External Resources

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