The Variety of Stone Veneer

An outdoor wall faced with natural stone thin veneer

Stone veneer products can add a touch of nature to your home and bring a natural elegance to any space. Homeowners have the option of stone veneer cut from real rock or manufactured stone that offers the same beautiful look but is lighter, cheaper, and easier to install, making it a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications. Manufactured stone mimics the appearance of natural stone but is made of concrete, aggregates, pigments, and other additives. Both veneer options are a durable and versatile material that can be put to work in various areas of your home. Stone veneer lets you choose from full sized or thin stone, putting you in control. Thin veneer is a lightweight alternative to full stone and comes in a number of striking colors, textures, and shapes. Stone can be used for accent walls, chimneys, fire features, retaining walls, walkways, and interior applications such as archways and kitchen accents.

A home's veneer using canyon creek natural stone from Mutual Materials
A home’s veneer using canyon creek natural stone from Mutual Materials

Catch Their Eye with a Veneer Exterior

What better way to make your house stand out than an exterior stone wall? Natural stone siding can be applied around entryways, doors, and columns, over cement foundations, or as cladding over an entire home’s exterior. Stone veneer siding makes it possible to add a touch of natural stone to the look and feel of your home. Whether you’re using it on one wall, one section, or across the outside of your entire home, you will have a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures to choose from.

Natural Stone Veneer

Get Inspired with Splashes of Interior Veneer

Add stone veneer indoors to bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, fireplaces, and around architectural features, such as doors and windows to bring a rustic touch into your home. Stone can be used to face tubs and other bathroom and kitchen surfaces because it is temperature and moisture resistant. It can also be used around ovens and indoor fireplaces because it is resistant to fire.

Kitchen accent wall using Bucks County Country Ledgestone and Southern Ledgestone from Cultured Stone
Kitchen accent wall using Bucks County Country Ledgestone and Southern Ledgestone from Cultured Stone

Add a Layer of Coziness with a Fire Feature

Since it is heat and water resistant, stone veneer is a popular choice for outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and water features. Stone veneer on a fire or water feature makes it easy to create a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living space. With many options, you can attain the look you desire whether it be more rustic or modern. Stone is easy to install and offers the beauty and impact of a natural and textured look.

Manufactured Stone

Outdoor Accents for a Touch of Nature

The stone veneer possibilities in an outdoor living space are endless. Creating a retaining wall with decorative full sized or thin stone veneer is made easy by building a wall with concrete masonry blocks and adhering the veneer to the surface. These stone walls are still fully functional beyond aesthetics, they protect your soil and property while adding appeal to the landscape design.

Even having a small section of stone veneer can transform an outdoor kitchen or pool project into a statement feature. Use stone veneer to enhance kitchen islands and back splashes in your outdoor cooking and dining area or use it as siding outside your pool area to add a natural touch to your space.

San Francisco Cobblefield on a home's veneer with a swimming pool in the foreground
San Francisco Cobblefield on a home’s veneer with a swimming pool in the foreground

Stone for Walking Areas

Wanting to use stone on your property but don’t want to use a veneer? Flagstone is a great option if you are looking to add a touch of nature with a stone patio, walkway, or pool deck. Flagstone is popular due to its durability, natural look, rich colors, and versatility in installation since it can be set in sand or mortar. Flagstones can give your yard a boost by providing a more interesting look than stamped or poured concrete and pavers. It will not warp in the elements, is termite-proof, provides traction due to natural ridges, and limits water pooling on the surface.


Why Stone Veneer?

Manufactured or real stone veneer can not only provide your home with a touch of nature but it is also a durable and easy to install material that can truly enhance the look of your home. Mutual Materials has an array of stone options from our Natural Stone Veneer to Cultured Stone’s and Eldorado Stone’s Veneer, to Flagstone for you to pick from.

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