Creating a Full Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen faced with natural stone


If you enjoy entertaining loved ones or having an outdoor space you can spend all year in, then you want to consider installing a full outdoor kitchen in your yard. A carefully curated outdoor living space can create an ambiance and space in nature that an indoor one just can’t beat. Take your indoor style outside to create a landscape and entertainment space otherwise not possible in a simple yard. Use the outdoor kitchen for dining, a covered patio to keep dry and cool, a fire pit or fireplace for year-round entertainment, and a walking area to connect all your spaces and prevent slipping. Mutual Materials has everything you need for your outdoor kitchen design including natural stone veneer, pavers and slabs, brick, and retaining wall blocks.

Counters and Fireplaces

Stone products are perfect for those trying to achieve a natural look for their design. We offer full-sized and thin stone veneer options. Not only can natural stone be used to decorate your grill and counter areas, it can also be used to create a matching outdoor stone fireplace or fire pit. Want the natural look with less maintenance? You can’t go wrong with Cultured Stone, a manufactured stone veneer product that is cast-fit to add the look of real stone wall to building exteriors at a lower price point.

While natural stone can be used for countertops and outdoor fireplaces, Face Brick is another option for veneer design if you’re hoping to achieve a more traditional look. Face Brick is durable and low-maintenance and you can get creative by combining multiple colors and arranging them in various patterns. It can also be a smart design idea to match your home’s exterior to your outdoor living space through the use of Face Brick or Natural Stone Veneer.

A large outdoor kitchen with natural stone on top of a wood deck
A large outdoor kitchen with natural stone on top of a wood deck

Walking Areas

Pavers and slabs are a great hardscape and landscape design choice to complement your outdoor kitchen. Create walkways and pathways to connect your various outdoor elements together into one cohesive space. Clay brick pavers add warmth with color that never fades providing a rustic or traditional look. If you’re trying to achieve a natural stone look, then Columbia Slate patio slabs, Dominion Slate pavers, or Glacier Slate Architectural Slabs are the best choice. Our Columbia Slate patio slabs have a rippled surface mimicking the unevenness found in natural stone while Dominion Slate pavers have a unique slate texture with slight rippling to provide a surface with soft ridges. Glacier Slate provides a contemporary feel with its large slate pavers that give any project a natural look. Porcelain pavers or Vancouver Bay Architectural Slabs can add a more polished feel with colors and texture styles that mirror modern interior tile design allowing for the extension of interior design into outdoor living areas. All of our pavers and slabs are great for making outdoor areas slip resistant and adding an elevated look to your space.

Outdoor Pavers

Outdoor kitchen faced with Cultured Stone on a paver patio
Outdoor kitchen faced with Cultured Stone on a paver patio

Gardens and Features

There are a number of ways to use retaining wall blocks to enhance your outdoor kitchen and space. They can be used to support the soil and landscaping that complements your outdoor kitchen. They are also great for creating water features and fire pits. We have a selection of fire pits that any homeowner can DIY. While the kitchen serves as the focal point of your outdoor space, a fire pit or water feature can help tie together the complete look and feel of your space. Retaining wall blocks can also be used to create a seating area around your fire pit or fireplace. Nothing beats the sounds of a crackling fire or the soothing sounds of running water while you’re outside enjoying a meal with loved ones. You can even use retaining wall blocks to create raised garden beds for growing herbs and vegetables you can bring right over and use in your outdoor kitchen! StackStone is ideal for terraced gardens, free-standing wall, and raised planters. ManorStone is perfect for retaining walls, planters, terraced gardens, and steps. TuscanStone can be used to create fireplaces, fire pits, planters, benches, seating walls, water features, mailboxes, and columns.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Outdoor fire pit with a kitchen in the background
Outdoor fire pit with a kitchen in the background

While curb appeal for a home is important, homeowners should create a space that matches their style and Mutual Material products are here to help. Stately and sophisticated, retaining walls and garden walls create outdoor spaces that are beautiful to behold and inviting to walk through. They add visual and textural interest as well as a sense of permanence. Natural stone veneer, made of manufactured stone, is lighter, cheaper, and easier to install than natural stone, making it a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications. Pavers can help you create your own private outdoor oasis, paved patio, or walkway. Choose from pavers made of concrete, clay brick, or porcelain to design and install your dream backyard landscape design or outdoor living area. We have also made it even easier to find, buy, and install your ideal fire pit with ready-to-go Mutual Fire Pit Kits. Our designer hardscape will enhance your outdoor living and could also enhance your home’s value and curb appeal. Whether you are looking to achieve a rustic, contemporary, or classic design, Mutual Materials has the perfect products to help you achieve your vision.