Get Inspired: Outdoor Fire Feature Design

The most important thing when picking out the best materials for your outdoor fire feature is making sure the materials are heat and fire resistant. Whether you are making a fire feature the centerpiece of your outdoor living space or simply adding landscaping curb appeal, Mutual Materials has a number of materials and design choices for you to pick from. You may be wondering, what building materials are heat and fire resistant? Popular fireproof materials include natural stone veneer, manufactured stone veneer, retaining wall blocks, and brick.

Circular patio with fire pit created with retaining wall blocks
This simple circular fire pit provides an effective focal point on this elegant patio.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining wall blocks are perfect for fire pits since concrete is fire resistant and easy to stack. For handy homeowners who like to build things themselves, we sell DIY fire pit kits in three ready-to-go styles, or you can customize your own with any of our retaining wall block options. For a more modern concrete look, one can never go wrong with a fire bowl for their outdoor space. Kindred Outdoors and Surrounds has a variety of beautiful options and sizes.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Outdoor living space with fireplace faced with Cultured Stone
The star of this cozy outdoor living space is Cultured Stone fireplace.

Natural Stone & Manufactured Stone

Stone veneers are an outstanding choice for stone fire pits and outdoor fireplaces for those looking to add a touch of nature to their yard’s focal point. Inherently fireproof, natural stone veneer gives a fire feature a rustic look while providing peace of mind that your structure will last a lifetime. You can extend this natural aesthetic around your fireplace with flagstone that comes in a virtually endless palette of colors to match or contrast your veneer. For anyone who is more cost conscious, consider Cultured Stone or Eldorado Stone for facing your fireplace or fire pit. These manufactured stone veneers are created with concrete to mimic the appearance of natural stone and are class A fire-rated, meaning there is zero flame spread and smoke development.

Natural Stone Veneer

Fire pit constructed with dimpled brown face brick
This fire pit complements the adjacent retaining wall by using the same brick.


Brick is another exceptional option as a veneer for a fireplace or to create a fire pit. Our Face Brick is durable and low maintenance. Since it is made of real clay and manufactured in high temperature kilns it is fire resistant and non-combustible. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, from classic red to modern whites and blacks, making it complementary for any style of home. For those wanting an extra layer of protection, check out our firebrick, also known as refractory cement tile. Used for lining the inside of a fireplace, these high duty kiln bricks have a high thermal conductivity, giving them the ability to maintain effectiveness in high temperatures.

Face Brick

Double-sided fireplace faced with natural stone
This natural stone double-sided fireplace elevates this outdoor dining space.

There are a number of high-quality fire safe building materials that a homeowner can use to create a fire feature that can serve as the focal point in an outdoor space. Whether going with a stone veneer, brick, or retaining wall blocks, Mutual Materials has all the choices you need to create a beautiful fire feature.

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