Get Inspired: Products for Landscaping Design

Winding concrete paver walkway runs in front of a brick fence


There are a number of products and styles to pick from when creating a functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing landscaping design. Depending on the intended use of the landscape and the features desired, the hardscape products you ultimately pick to support your landscape design will vary. While the visual appeal of your outdoor space is important, your design should support the soil and be climate appropriate. Popular landscape products include retaining walls, concrete and porcelain pavers, brick, fire features, and water features.

Modern circular patio surrounded by a water feature and natural stone retaining wall.
Serenity abounds with this modern circular patio surrounded by a water feature and natural stone retaining wall.

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall blocks can be used for soil support, gardens, or add aesthetic appeal. A homeowner can create a simple garden wall, seat wall, and garden or flower beds with retaining blocks for functionality, visual appeal, or both. When choosing the material and size of the blocks, it is important to consider the desired height, type of soil, level of drainage, and amount of support needed. Natural Stone is a beautiful option but does require a more complex installation process so make sure to do your research ahead of time. Concrete blocks are some of the most popular with their variety of sizes and styles, and easiest to install due to the interlocking systems. Brick walls are a great option for a more traditional or rustic look and may be structurally best for shorter height walls.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Porcelain paver patio perched above surrounding community
This patio extension created with porcelain slabs is small but elegant.


From patios to walkways and paths, to driveways, to borders, pavers can help you lay out the structural outlines of your landscape. There are many colors, textures, and style choices based on the look and intended use for the pavers a homeowner can pick from.

Paved patios are a great way to separate sections of landscaping from sitting areas. Concrete pavers are versatile and durable, making them great for high traffic sections like walkways and driveways. Paving stones and flagstone can add a natural look to any outdoor living space while still maintaining their functionality. Porcelain pavers can add an upscale modern look to your space. Not only is porcelain paving beautiful, but the pavers are slip, scratch, and stain resistant, making them functional around water and fire features as well as pools.

Outdoor Pavers

Basalt stone bubbler bordered by Vancouver Bay architectural slabs
This small stone bubbler surrounded by architectural slabs shows that inspired landscape design doesn’t have to be big.

Fire and Water Features

If your landscape design has a water or a fire feature, you will want to use pavers and materials that are resistant to water and fire damage in your outdoor areas. Concrete, porcelain, and brick pavers are all great around fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. Retaining wall seating can also be added around a fire feature to add to the look and functionality of the space. Porcelain pavers and flagstones are best around water features.

Wall created with ground face concrete block provides a modern look
Concrete block can be elevated with a smooth face which gives it a modern look.

Brick & Concrete Masonry Units (CMU)

Brick can add versatility to your space with its various colors and textures and can be used as a veneer, wall, or paving material. Brick is durable and easy to maintain, making it a long lasting choice of landscape material.

While CMU is generally used in commercial projects, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be incorporated in residential living. If you like the look of a more elevated concrete, CMU can be used to create soil support and garden walls in your landscape.


Golden flagstone patio extends off garden
This rustic flagstone patio provides a nice contrast to the surrounding gardens and gravel pathways.

There are a variety of product and materials options for homeowners to choose from when trying to create a landscape with visual interest. Any combination of hardscaping products can be used in harmony together to create a beautiful and functional space. Mutual Materials can help you find the right products for the purpose and look of your landscaping design.

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