DIY Backyard Projects With Pavers And Retaining Walls: Garden Paths, Planters, and Edging

Fresh, clean stone edging or a new pathway can be one of the best accents to a lush garden or well-maintained yard, and can easily make your property the envy of the neighborhood. If you have a home with a spacious backyard, a beautiful garden to show off or you want to spruce up your yard with some crisp, clean edging, these are some of the best and most popular products Mutual Materials offers to help you accomplish your project.

3 Backyard Projects that Will Make You the Envy of the Neighborhood


Backyard and Garden Pathways

Whether you already have an existing garden with a pathway to re-construct, a garden with no pathway, or maybe a blank slate where you envision a colorful, full garden in the future, installing a new pathway is one of the best ways to plan, peruse and enjoy your masterpiece in the years to come. There are many different types of paths you can build depending on the look and design you want, but here are some idea starters:

Winding Garden Path with Dominion Pavers: These pavers come in three different sizes allowing you to stagger the look of your pathway. This design allows the walkway to feel like it is “one with the garden” and is great for a thick, tall garden where you don’t necessarily need a clean, defined edge throughout and are perfect for the traditional Pacific Northwest garden.

Paver Path with Color Variety—Double Holland Pavers: If you want a defined path with some color variety and clean edges, this is your ticket. Double Holland pavers come in red and charcoal colors creating the opportunity for endless design and pattern options. Their form and shape allow you to create a pathway with sharp cuts and turns for a more modern, noticeable look. If you like the aesthetic and color of these pavers but want a different size or shape, then you’re in luck: Holland pavers come in more sizes and colors giving you the flexibility to design just what you want for your garden path.

Flagstone Garden Path: If you want a versatile, natural style walkway for your garden, our various colors and sizes of flagstone are the perfect product to help complete your project. With flagstone, you can choose the style and color to match your garden’s personality and look. It can be used to make a winding path through your yard or garden, create an open landing area for chairs or to surround your fire pit.


A planter box or retaining wall can be a functional, as well as impressive feature in your yard or garden, and it’s an excellent way to show off your plants. Building a retaining wall or dedicated, raised garden area can also be one of the simpler projects you will do in your yard. Using our StackStone blocks, you can create low, free-standing walls or raised flower beds with units of many different shapes, directions and sizes.

Low, Freestanding Walls: Creating a low, freestanding wall is a great way to maximize the space in your outdoor areas. Making a wall with these segmental retaining wall blocks is the perfect way to give you more space in your outdoor living areas while still retaining the planting areas to make your backyard feel private and exclusive.

Raised Flower Beds: If you really want a platform for your plants to shine, these wall blocks are the perfect solution. You can create raised flower beds for your garden at almost any height you prefer, whether you want a free-standing plant bed or a raised edge around your grassy area. This is another way to maximize the use of different spaces and areas in your yard.

Edging Details

Pavers and segmental retaining walls can be used to edge and detail almost any project you desire in your yard. Whether it’s a garden, pathway, patio, or even your driveway, edging can add a sleek aesthetic to your home. Here are some products and ways you can use edging to add the wow factor in your yard.

Use Different Colors and Shapes in Your Edging Design: When it comes to edging, simply using the same product in a different, outstanding color is a nice finishing touch to any project from patios to walkways. Using contrasting colors to edge the outskirts and different sections in a patio project like this one with our Clay Pavers gives it a professional, creative and classic look that will make your yard stand out from the rest.

Use Similar, Blending Shapes and Colors in Your Edging Design: Alternatively, you can use pavers in similar shapes and colors to your pathway, driveway, or patio to still give it the clean edge and shape you are aiming for. If your goal is to have a subtler, yet defined shape to your project, choose a complementing style and color of paver to your main section to achieve this look.

Pavers and segmental retaining wall blocks come in so many different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. This makes them one of the most versatile products you can use for almost any outdoor project you have in mind. Check us out for more project ideas to spark your creativity and let us know how we can help you with your next project!