Introducing Coffee House, Our Newest Slimbrick Color

Dark browns, grays, and blacks are some of the hottest colors in the design world right now. They break away from the classic reds that represented the architectural world through the 20th Century and are allowing architects and designers to explore new contemporary aesthetics.

Mutual Materials continues to roll out new options for brick in this area by creating different shades and textures within the darker end of the color spectrum. Our latest addition to the Slimbrick family, Coffee House, is unique in that it displays a mix of browns, purples, and blacks providing more warmth than a typical black brick project.

This row of newly-constructed townhomes in Issaquah is the first project to use Coffee House on an exterior and it shows the range of colors that when exposed to natural light. If you want to check out this project in person, find it here by searching “Coffee House” in our virtual showroom.

Coffee House is not available as a color option in our full-size brick line. It is only a Slimbrick product because we can only achieve this color once we have cut the face off a full-size Coal Creek brick.