MOD Pizza is Taking Advantage of Slimbrick to Meet Their Design Needs

Have you been to retail establishments or restaurants and noticed how the industrial look is coming back? The look of blending concrete, with metal, wood, brick, and glass provides the appearance of a place that wants to focus on providing the best product as opposed to spending money on being the most attractive. Take MOD Pizza for example. Their goal is to sell the best hand-made pizza quickly at a low price.

They use natural elements to create a warm industrial look that conveys a turn-of-the-century building. A big part of this look involves incorporating Classic Used Slimbrick from Mutual Materials. It allows an aged appearance and also serves as a canvas for their murals.

If you’re looking for the look of brick for any interior wall or backsplash, but don’t want to install full-size brick, consider Slimbrick for the following reasons:

  • Slimbrick is brick cut to a thickness of ½” making it easy to install like tile.
  • Coming in a variety of colors, Slimbrick can give your project the look of traditional red or a more contemporary black.
  • Brick offers a timeless look allowing it to compliment any aesthetic.

For more information on how Slimbrick can meet your design needs, please download our Slimbrick brochure or contact a Mutual Materials sales representative at (888) 688-8250.