Circular Patios Are Classic and Unique

Backyard patios are usually rectangular for a couple of reasons. It is easy to calculate square footage and account for 90-degree corners when planning a patio. It’s also difficult to be imaginative with patio layout if you don’t have experience in landscape design. Often new construction homes have poured concrete or aggregate patios that are small and square because it’s easy for the builder to install and they have no incentive to be creative.

Old Dominion Circular Patios Blend Inspiration and Practicality

If homeowners want to ditch their boring poured concrete patio or wood deck, they often choose to go with interlocking concrete pavers because they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures, which gives them the flexibility to create the project they truly envision. We’ve talked in previous blog posts about how concrete paver driveways and walkways add value and curb appeal to your home, but the type of paver patio should matter to you. Most concrete and clay pavers are rectangular by design making them suitable for square patios, but Old Dominion pavers are allow you to create your own circular patio that serves as a focal point for your yard.

Old Dominion circle kits are a great choice for those looking for an entirely different design for their project. These pavers have rounded, embossed edges designed to mimic the look and feel of the turn-of-the-century cobblestones. And the cool thing about Old Dominion circle kits is that they come prepackaged on a pallet from Mutual Materials, so you have to do is unwrap it a start installing. One palletized circle kit covers 39.27 square feet and two pallets will cover 78.54 square foot. But you aren’t limited to just a straight circle.

People have gotten creative with Old Dominion, using circles as a focal point in a driveway, fountain surrounds or interconnected circles weaving throughout a project. Others love the look of Old Dominion pavers, but don’t want a circular patio. For them we have Old Dominion Squares and Rectangles, which can be used in a more traditional patio or walkway.

Project by Diamond Touch Landscape

If this post has piqued your interest in Old Dominion circle kits and you want to check one out in person, come into any of Mutual Materials’ 16 branches throughout the Pacific Northwest and take a look. If you already know you want to create a circular patio with Old Dominion, you can purchase one through our online store.