Celtik Wall

Create beautiful terraced gardens and outdoor living spaces with Celtik Wall.



Celtik Wall®
Celtik Wall is a versatile retaining wall system offering tremendous design flexibility and aesthetic appeal. With its variety of shapes, Celtik Wall creates straight, curved and circular walls and steps with ease. Offered in two heights, each with four sizes, Celtik Wall offers you a variety of wall configurations to choose from. Celtik Wall is textured for a rustic look and can be built in ashlar patterns that echo the look of a traditional fieldstone wall.

Celtik Wall is perfect for planters, raised flower beds, tree surrounds, terraced gardens, steps, raised patios and vertical walls.

Celtik Wall is designed for walls up to 42" (1.1 m) in height, when built with an 8 batter (slope). Vertical walls may be built to a maximum height of 21" (0.55 m).

Celtik Wall is a registered trademark of Permacon, Ltd.