Create interesting terraces with RomanPisa.



The RomanPisa system takes retaining walls to a whole new level of appearance. RomanPisa capitalizes on the strength and ability of the Pisa2 system and adds its own natural weathered appearance to create the most popular look for segmental retaining walls systems on the market today.

RomanPisa is manufactured by putting a typical Pisa2 unit through a specialized process that rounds off the edges and corners, and gouges the face. This gives the wall a worn cobble appearance that looks like real stone, not concrete.

RomanPisa is a complete retaining wall system that includes corners. Curved walls as well as straight walls and steps can be constructed with RomanPisa, giving architects, engineers, contractors and homeowners the flexibility of design and the natural appearance they are looking for.

RomanPisa can be used for gravity walls up to 4 feet (1.2 m) and reinforced walls up to 16 feet (5.0 m).

RomanPisa is a registered trademark of Risi Stone Systems.