3 Unique Purposes Retaining Walls Can Serve In Your Yard

Retaining walls can serve many purposes in your yard. Maybe you want to build one to elevate a garden or flower bed, or maybe you want to frame a walkway or staircase. Whatever project you have in mind, retaining walls can serve a purpose much more than just an aesthetically pleasing piece in your yard. Check out these four Mutual Materials products you can use in your yard to build a strong, eye catching retaining wall and the creative ways in which you or your guests might end up using them.  https://www.mutualmaterials.com/projects/mediterranean-retaining-walls/

3 Ways to Use Retaining Walls as Outdoor Statement Pieces

Retaining Wall 1— A Cypress Masterpiece:

Whether you want to increase the usable space on your patio or you want to add an elegant touch with a retaining wall on the slope of your yard or garden, CypressStone or Roman Cypress would be a great choice. Tapered sides in the units give you the flexibility to create straight or curved walls. You won’t need to put a ton of maintenance into this product over time, which is a great benefit for the busy homeowner.

One creative use you, your family, and friends may find for your CypressStone retaining wall — extra seating!  A retaining wall around the edge of a lawn, garden, patio or landing made from this product will make a solid seating area for your entertaining. You and your guests can make great conversation, sit around the fire, or enjoy watching yard games. Roman Cypress is the same as CypressStone, but it has just been tumbled to give it a worn appearance.


Retaining Wall 2 —A TuscanStone Treasure:

Imagine sitting in your back yard around a firepit with the sunset painting the perfect picture in the background after a hot, sunny day. You know you are just steps away from your house, yet it feels like you could be in a Mediterranean village. That’s the atmosphere and ambiance you can create in your outdoor living area with TuscanStone material. This stone is the perfect choice for building elegant benches, firepits, patios, and water features in your outdoor areas in addition to stunning retaining walls.

While your TuscanStone material will give you the opportunity to build beautiful features in your yard, they can also be used to give you the added benefit of some extra storage space. You might not think of your retaining walls as having much more of a use than elevating your garden or optimizing your outdoor living spaces, but as you can see they can be used for much more if you plan for it. Building your retaining walls around a firepit, for example, can give you the space to store extra firewood or any other outdoor games and equipment you might want to cover up.

Retaining Wall 3 —A ManorStone Showcase:

This is another stone that comes in multiple colors and sizes, giving you the options you need to be creative and unique in your retaining wall design. Whether you want to build walls for planters, raised garden beds, framing around steps, or even the steps themselves, this material is an excellent choice. One of the more popular choices around the Pacific Northwest is the Northwest Blend. Besides the obvious reason of the name, this is popular because of the traditional look you see all around gardens and outdoor areas in the PNW (Pacific Northwest).

If you plan to build your retaining wall around your patio, fire pit, or other outdoor living area next to your house, a ManorStone retaining wall can also serve as a platform to give your guests a front row view of the beauty and entertainment in your yard!

 When you imagine standing in your back yard and surveying the view of your property, you might see open, an open, green grassy area or maybe the view of water or forest. Whatever it may be, building a retaining wall to lift a patio or living area creates an elevated view for you and your guest to enjoy, no matter what that view may be.

No matter what your reason for building a retaining wall is, it’s certain it will be admired and enjoyed. By using these or other Mutual Materials products you’ll be able to create something that has many uses beyond what you can even begin to imagine; it will be something you, your family and friends can enjoy for years to come. For more ideas on what you can do with Mutual Materials products, check out our retaining wall idea book.