Get Inspired: Garage Design

When designing or remodeling the exterior of your home, a homeowner will want to consider the look of the garage and functionality of their garage. A well-designed garage will complement a home’s exterior and can truly add curb appeal. There are several building materials to consider in your design ideas such as brick, natural stone, and manufactured stone.


Add a touch of timeless and classic elegance to your garage design with a brick veneer. Mutual Materials offers a variety of colors and textures as well as the choice of regular sized face brick and Slimbrick, our thin brick tile. Get creative by using different color bricks to create unique designs and patterns. A brick veneer is low maintenance, durable, weather-proof, and it’s easy to replace any sections that may get damaged.

Brick Veneer

Custom home veneer completed with Mutual Used brick from Mutual Materials
Custom home veneer completed with Mutual Used brick from Mutual Materials

Cultured Stone and Eldorado Stone Veneer

Looking for a more elegant and natural design choice to your garage? Create a visually appealing yet durable garage with Eldorado Stone and Cultured Stone veneer. Choose from a variety of colors and textures to attain the look you desire for your stone veneer garage. There are a number of styles to choose from including a variety of ledgestones and fieldstones. Stone veneer is lighter than solid stone, low maintenance, easy to clean, and resistant to weather, pests, and erosion. Whether you decide to make the whole exterior stone veneer or only add a section of stone veneer siding, it will add a modern yet timeless touch to your home.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

European Castlestone completes this home's garage veneer
European Castlestone completes this home’s garage veneer

Natural Stone Veneer

Go for a unique yet nature forward design with a stone exterior. Natural stone veneer can be made from a variety of real stone such as granite, limestone, and slate, making each style, color, and piece choice unique, adding its own characteristic to your design. Natural stone is low maintenance, long lasting, able to withstand all weather conditions, and is resistant to fading, eroding, and pests.

Natural Stone Veneer

Modern custom home with a veneer of white natural stone
Modern custom home with a veneer of white natural stone

You can’t really go wrong with exterior wall options when picking from any of our brick or stone product options. Mutual Materials products are here to help you achieve the look and vision of your garage design choice.


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