Hardscape & Masonry Efflorescence Cleaning Guidelines For Homeowners

Mutual Materials recommends cleaning as a standard final step on all hardscape installation projects. Cleaning the project can remove efflorescence, halos, scuff marks, job-site debris, and dirt. It can help enhance the color of your new
hardscape project, including retaining walls.

For DIY / Homeowner use, Mutual Materials recommends Efflo Off Cleaner from SEK Surebond.

Cleaning as a final installation step can:

  • Remove and prevent efflorescence
  • Bring out the true color
  • Prepare for sealing


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1. Test

Always test product on a small area (or sample hardscape) first and allow 24-hour dry-time to determine ease of application and desired results.

2. Pre-wet

Lightly pre-wet (flash-cool) the pavement surface (do not soak). If plant material is nearby, protect and/or keep wet during detergent application.

3. Pre-mix Efflo Off

Pre-mix Efflo Off at a ratio of 4-parts water to 1-part detergent.

4. Apply Efflo Off

Apply Efflo ff (diluted to 4:1 ratio) to the pavement surface to be cleaned. You can do this with a 1-gallon or
2-gallon plastic pump sprayer. Ensure to overlap each spray stroke to achieve full even coverage.

5. Allow Efflo Off to dwell

Allow product to dwell for 5 to 8 minutes, being careful to not allow the product to dry on the pavement surface. If liquid begins to dry on the surface, then re-apply to keep surface wet.

6. Agitate

While the detergent is dwelling on the pavement, lightly agitate the detergent on the pavement surface with a push broom.


8. Re-apply Efflo Off

Once again, apply Efflo Off (diluted to 4:1 ratio) to the pavement surface. Allow product to dwell again for 2 to 4 minutes. This melts away any remaining residue/efflorescence.

9. Rinse

Rinse with garden hose-end sprayer. Use long, even strokes that overlap each other.

10. Allow to dry

Allow pavement to dry for 24 hours then inspect treatment. Repeat steps 1–8 as necessary, to achieve desired result.