TuscanStone Fireplace A Instructions

How to build Fireplace A with TuscanStone from Mutual Materials.

Items Needed: TuscanStone, Glue: 12 (10.5 oz tubes)

Tools Needed: Level, Caulking Gun

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Step 1: Prepare the project area

Prepare a stable, level project area by following these steps:

Excavate area approximately 5″ below grade.

Excavate approximately 6″ larger than the actual project dimension.

Fill 4″ with suitable base material, compact and level in all directions.

If installing on an existing patio or suitable base you may proceed to install the project after ensuring the base is level.

Step 2: Stack TuscanStonen blocks

Place and stack TuscanStone block, adding adhesive between layers.

On upper layers glue blocks on both bottom and sides where they touch other blocks. This is important for additional reinforcement. Wait 72 hours for adhesive to fully set before use.

For illustration purposes, the metal  re place insert has been removed from the photos in Layers 1-5 in order to see the entire project more clearly. However, if using the metal  fire place insert, it must be installed before Layer 2. If using a professional mason to install a traditional  re brick insert, this can be done once the project is complete.


How to build TuscanStone Fireplace A, Mutual Materials