Hardscape Cleaning Guidelines For Professional Grade Projects

Mutual Materials recommends cleaning as a standard final step on all hardscape installation projects. Cleaning the project can enhance color, remove efflorescence, halos, scuff marks, job-site debris, and dirt.

For professional installers, Mutual Materials recommends NMD 80™ New Masonry Detergent from EaCo Chem, an effective cleaning solution for hardscape installations.

NMD 80 New Masonry Detergent is also popular for cleaning mortar stains from concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls.

Cleaning as a final installation step can:

  • Remove and prevent efflorescence
  • Bring out the true color
  • Prepare for sealing


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1. Test

Always test product on a small area (or sample hardscape) first and allow 24-hour dry-time to determine ease of application and desired results.

2. Pre-wet

Lightly pre-wet the hardscape surface (do not soak). If plant material is nearby, protect and/or keep wet
during chemical application.

3. Prepare NMD 80

Place the NMD 80™ container inside a larger plastic container to prevent accidental tipping or spilling contents. Insert the EC Jet into the end of washer pressure washer. Insert the metal siphon tube into the
detergent container.

4. Apply NMD 80

Apply NMD 80 through the EC Jet (diluted to 4:1 ratio) to the hardscape surface to be cleaned. Ensure to
overlap each stroke to achieve full, even coverage.

5. Allow NMD 80 to sit

Allow product to dwell for 5 to 7 minutes, being careful to not allow the product to dry on the hardscape


7. Re-apply NMD 80

Once again, apply NMD 80 through the EC Jet to the hardscape surface. Allow product to dwell again for
5 to 7 minutes. This melts away any remaining oils/stains/residue/efforescence. If there is no foaming, the
hardscape surface is ready to be rinsed.

8. Do not allow NMD 80 to dry

With NMD 80, the longer it stays on the hardscape surface, the cleaner the result and the least amount of
rinsing is required. Do not allow the product to dry on the hardscape surface.

9. Begin rinsing

Remove the EC Jet from pressure washer. Insert a 40º fan tip. Begin rinsing from highest to lowest elevation. Use long, even strokes that overlap each other; this low pressure rinse with a pressure washer is best practice for rinsing hardscape.

10. Allow hardscapes to dry

Allow hardscape to dry for 24 hours then inspect treatment. Repeat steps 2–9 as necessary, to achieve
desired result.


Rinse pressure is always determined by the masonry manufacturer’s requirements. Color-sensitive surfaces should always be rinsed with low pressure.