• Slimbrick- Mutual Used on landscaping feature wall
  • Slimbrick- Classic Used, Interior Wall
  • Classic Used Slimbrick
  • Classic Used Slimbrick
  • Slimbrick Home Exteriior
  • Slimbrick Home Exterior
  • Slimbrick- Covington, home interior wall
  • Slimbrick - Covington, decorative columns
  • Slimbrick - Mutual Used Photo courtesy of Acorn Construction
  • Mutual Used
  • Mutual Used
  • Mutual Used
  • Covington
  • Ashland Used
  • Ashland Used

Slimbrick® – Stocking Colors – Craftsman Series

Easily Create Exposed Brick Walls Slimbrick® Tile 

Are you looking to add the character of an exposed brick wall to your home or for a commercial design project? Timeless and yet classic, exposed brick walls are popular in modern interior design. Aged brick walls are often central design features for trendy urban restaurants or businesses, and now this look can be achieved in homes using Slimbrick tiles.

Slimbrick, also referred to as thin brick tile, can be used for both interior and exterior wall applications and allows creation of real brick interior design features such as floor-to-ceiling brick walls, fireplaces, columns and backsplashes.

Slimbrick tiles are LEED certified because they utilize 84% less embodied energy than structural bricks. Mutual Materials Slimbrick tile is proudly manufactured locally with materials naturally sourced in the Pacific Northwest.

The colors shown here in our Craftsman Series are typically stocked at Mutual Materials retail branches, with inventory varying by location.

Mutual Materials Slimbrick meets ASTM C 1088.


BUY ONLINE:   All colors of Natural Craftsman Series Slimbrick® can be ordered online & shipped directly to you. 

SHAPES:   Flats & Corners
COLORS:  All Colors
PACK:        4 Pack Sample, 42 Pack Flats, 15 Pack Corners

Find locations for Mutual Materials branch stores here. 


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  • Columns
  • Homes
  • Indoors
  • Thin Veneer

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  • Residential Slimbrick Colors

    • Chateau Gray
      Chateau Gray
    • Classic Used
      Classic Used Tumbled Used
    • Covington
    • Forest Blend
      Forest Blend Mission
    • Inca
      Inca Mission
    • Mutual Used
      Mutual Used Tumbled Used
    • Coal Creek
      Coal Creek
    • Ashland Used
      Ashland Used
    • Westport Used
      Westport Used Used
    • Coffee House
      Coffee House
    • Ebony
    • Old University
      Old University
    • Canyon Mist
      Canyon Mist

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“Classic Used Slimbrick is a “go-to” element for MOD Pizza because it adds an organic touch, giving new construction a warm, aged look.”

Katie O'Donnell Store Development Program Manager MOD Pizza

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