Remodeling? 4 Projects Where the Beauty of Brick Shines

Glazed Slimbrick thin brick tile

Brick, it’s not just for construction anymore.

How would you like to transform your kitchen or bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary? Or to upgrade your current home office with an industrial loft look?  Or increase your home’s curb appeal without a major home exterior renovation?  All of these things are possible, using natural clay Slimbrick® from Mutual Materials.

Mutual Materials Slimbrick tile, known among masons and interior designers, is being increasingly requested by homeowners for their remodeling projects. Slimbrick is a real, natural clay brick. It is made proudly in the USA to high-quality standards at Mutual Materials plants right here in the Pacific Northwest. Because Slimbrick is made as a tile, it’s easy to add the beauty of brick almost anywhere. Slimbrick can be installed like a typical tile product using mortar, or by attaching with construction glue directly onto existing surfaces such as sheet-rocked home interior walls or existing tile surfaces.

Here are four places that we are seeing Slimbrick used for home interior design and remodel projects:

  1. Kitchens
    A historic urban or stylish farmhouse look can be achieved with Slimbrick in one of our “used” brick styles with kitchen walls and backsplashes. Prefer a more modern contemporary kitchen design?  Try our colorful designer Glazed Slimbrick which merges the textural appeal of natural brick with colored glaze (see kitchen above using Onyx black Glazed Slimbrick).  Our designer Glazed Slimbrick tile is washable and waterproof, no sealants required.

    Slimbrick, Mutual Used, farmhouse kitchen by ACH Design
    Modern farmhouse kitchen by ACH Design, Sammamish WA, Slimbrick, Mutual Used


  2. Bathrooms
    Brick in the bathroom? Yes, it is possible to completely overhaul the design feel of your bathroom with Slimbrick tile.

    Slimbrick, Mutual Used, bathroom designed by ACH Designs
    Bathroom designed by ACH Designs, Sammamish WA. Slimbrick, Mutual Used


  3. Home Office
    Recreate the creative industrial loft look of a downtown office, right in your own home. Achieve the look of an aged brick wall by using Slimbrick tiles in one of our “used” color blends.

    Office Brick Wall: To achieve similar look, try Slimbrick in Classic Used, Ashland Used or Mutual Used
    Office Brick Wall: Achieve similar look with Mutual Materials Ashland or Classic Used Slimbrick


  4. Home Exterior
    Improving curb appeal goes beyond just a coating of paint when you add a wainscoting of thin veneer Slimbrick tile. In the example below, a complete curb appeal transformation was achieved with paint, Slimbrick tile and front yard landscaping.
Before and after home curb appeal transformation with Slimbrick tile
Transform a home exterior with a new coat of paint and a wainscotting of Slimbrick tile.


To learn more about Mutual Materials Slimbrick tile, visit one of our product pages below or simply contact us and tell us about your project needs.


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