Create Outdoor Zen with Pavers

Here is a great example of a small yard transition area designed into a zen-like nature path. We found this on Houzz and the project was done by Avalon Landscape Northwest using Mutual Materials product. Their design incorporates multiple hardscape materials from pavers to landscape rock for path, stairway and retaining wall.  It makes a great look combined with their plantings!

Here are three things we like about this project:

  1. It is an good example blending two styles of Dominion pavers for a path and landing circle
  2. The round circular patio area nicely connect stairs and path and frames plant
  3. The visual textural combination of pavers, natural stone stairs, and a stacked stone planter wall

Want to create a similar look?

Do you have a great outdoor living idea to share?  Let us know and we’d love to showcase your completed projects or help with your next one.